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The heart of a lion: the work of Charisma Mufasa

If you lay down and stay down, you never had it in you in the first place.

This is how Atlanta-based hip-hop artist Charisma Mufasa (click HERE to visit his website) concludes our interview from this past Friday. However, this statement truly captures his will, focus, work-ethic, and dedication to his growing music career and beyond.

Hailing from East Atlanta (with some time in Destin, FL), he notes his earliest music influences from hip-hop and R and B including (but not limited to) the lyricism of 2Pac to the vibe and work of Mary J Blige, Foxy Brown, as well as Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony. He notes how conversation and work with Foxy Brown provides him some solid early insight in the music industry.

His interest in music is ever-present, even as he pursues his dreams of playing in the NFL. In fact, in 2014, he declares early for the draft and is invited to multiple camps to take advantage of the opportunity to be a professional athlete; still, he keeps his connections to music.

"I remember spending time with different artists and entertainers. One of things I noticed about them is it's just a different lifestyle (compared to being a professional athlete). To a degree, you can be more of your own boss when it comes to when and where to perform and other opportunities compared to almost always being on the clock (as a football player)", he recalls. When you consider who you have to report to (mainly the team GM and coaches), along with the physical regiment of practice and other aspects, he notes that at times, the repetitive nature can be a challenge.

Combined with the quantum leap in 2017 with opportunities in meeting Future and Young Scooter, he decides to pivot from a game he plays at a high level for a 10 year period to further pursue his passion in music.

"It was just time to do something different", he reflects.

And being different is part of what makes him a growing presence.

Being more in control of his content and style, along with upcoming performances at the South by Southwest Music Festival (the Street Execs section) as well as Black Beach Weekend (in Biloxi, MS), his countless hours and time focused on writing, recording, and working at his craft is ever-present. His overall focus is something that clearly separates him from other artists, even in the midst of challenges that others would have difficulty in coming back from, if at all.

After his injuries suffered in a robbery attempt (in November of 2018 - click HERE for more details) which are life-threatening, he notes where he draws his resolve and drive to go even further.

"Tomorrow isn't promised. Get it done today", he stresses as he also notes that within a few days prior, he just starts walking again.

The heart of a lion.  Charisma Mufasa is an Atlanta-based artist whose dedication and focus goes beyond the music.

With the release of his album Lionhearted 2 (click HERE for more info) and his upcoming events at the Blue Flame (February 5th), Blue Restaurant and Lounge (in the Buckhead district), along with events in Tampa, FL (February 18th and 19th), he is clearly an artist to keep on your radar (for more details on upcoming shows, click HERE for details). For more details including breaking news, he encourages readers to follow him on social media (click HERE for details) as well as for bookings (click HERE for bookings and/or email

And for words of wisdom, here's some things that not only can apply to those in music, but in general.

He emphasizes, "Believe in your (work) before anyone else does. You may lose a game, but not lose the championship (as even those who win the ring or title suffer a loss here and there)".

And then his closing statement totally encompasses what he is truly about.

If you lay down and stay down, you never had it in you in the first place.

One of one whose music is his music.

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