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What music can give. A decade of sound gala and the work of LadySonya Music LLC.

Music. It means so much. The lyrics, the notes, the styling, the syncopation, and the moods evoked and expressed make it a powerful and positive influence.

Take it a step further as it helps provide purpose for those who engage with it, especially LadySonya and her work via LadySonya Music LLC. As December 16th inches closer for The Decade of Sound Gala (10th anniversary), it is more than just a top-notch affair; it's a time to reflect and a time to move forward.

In reflecting upon its beginnings, the journey starts in 2007. The Columbus, GA native has a road that is about as smooth as sandpaper; as if starting at Troy State University and transferring to Georgia State University isn't challenging enough, during the course of one year, LadySonya works seven (yes, you counted correctly, 7) part-time jobs in the span of one year.

Sitting at the crossroads, she takes an ambitious leap of faith in pursuing her passion and what would be her bigger purpose and platform: music.

With a RadioShack 76 key keyboard and only one year of experience, she persists and perseveres. Starting with providing piano lessons, her pursuits result in providing top-notch instruction to a wide range of celebrity producers and artists (including the Grammy-award winning producer Justice League) as well as empowering some truly bright, passionate young people for a myriad of performance and related music endeavors, including private lessons/instruction, industry classes and workshops (including The Producer Camp, which training for effective implementation and immersion of music theory and related practices in music production), as well as music enrichment, engagement, and performance.

These are among the programs celebrated and supported via the upcoming Decade of Sound Gala. Taking place from 4-8pm at the Westside Cultural Arts Center (760 10th St SW in Atlanta, GA on December 16th), the formal affair not only provides a sophisticated setting complete with a cocktail hour, recitals, dinner, and entertainment, including a special performance by the Six-time Grammy nominated artist The Mad Violinist; it provides the launch of an ambitious initiative near and dear to the founder's heart which further reinforces the principles and purpose that is ever-present with all that LadySonya Music LLC is truly about.

The event formally launches the Music is Giving Foundation. Its focus is to create a scholarship/grant fund for students majoring in music, business, and entrepreneurship. Students of the LadySonya Music Studio will automatically have the opportunity to apply, regardless of their major; this affords the next generation of artists and visionaries support for their endeavors. This is a direct embodiment of what LadySonya is sincerely about; if not for her interest and dedication to this field, this truly would not be possible.

There are still opportunities to be a part of this event, including ticket purchases, vendor, and business sponsor packages. By visiting their website (click HERE for details), as well as contact via email ( or phone (678-439-LSMS [5767]), the community is able to lend support to a truly great set of causes defined by a passion and purpose of equipping and empowering future artists, leaders, and advocates.

This is what 10 years of excellence looks like.

This is what the Decade of Sound Gala is all about.

December 16th is your opportunity to help craft a new tune for the next generation.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: To engage and support via social media, make sure to visit Facebook (LadySonya Music), Twitter (@ladysonyamusic), Instagram (@musicisgiving), and YouTube (LadySonyaMusic).

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