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The "x"-ceptional artistry of Taylor X

One of the wonderful things I'm able to do when I talk with people (ok, interview, but you get the idea) is to learn more about their journey. Often times, we see people where they are, but we don't always see where they have been in order to get there.

When you learn of one's story, the pursuit of their passion, their work ethic, and overall outlook, you can't help but feel a positive vibe and energy. And that's exactly what takes place when speaking with one of the faster moving and rising pop artists, Taylor X.

Her journey takes her from her upbringing in Kentucky to her time in Tri-Cities (Kingsport), TN, to Nashville. Even with her music experience, which includes as early as kindergarten with multiple shows and events, to recording albums (at ages 9 and 13), and other music-related experiences, there are other things that take place before she fully pivots to her music pursuits.

"In high school, I made the switch to dance; this truly helps me gain improved insight for live performance, preparation, and attention to detail", she recalls.

Even with the music and dance background, her time at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy leads her down a different path.

"Math and science are always interests of mine, and I didn't want to be the (proverbial) starving artist (and needed the security)", she notes. However, the passion for music doesn't quite go away.

As a result, he goes towards it. And that's a good thing.

Building off her previous experience, her time in Nashville allows her to progress as an artist. Ranging from building upon her initial music roots of country and pop, yodeling (yes ladies and gentlemen, yodeling), and the blues, she is able to progressively build her brand and presence. Augmenting her already solid skill set to dance and choreography to teaching hip-hop dance along with blending multiple music genres, her sense of style and presence goes beyond what many would consider "the norm".

"Artists including (but not limited to) Christina Aguilera, Brittney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston, especially given their range and command, are among those who are influences from their overall performance and beyond", she notes.

Her recent release (as of late October), Basics (click HERE to listen), provides an example of the seamless overlap of elements of pop, r and b, and even electro-pop). The same positive vibe and energy is a standard theme in all of her work, but there's more to her than just her singing prowess.

Her overall showmanship is focused on providing an engaging experience for all.

"Paying attention to detail is key for me; this ranges from the concepts, stage design, costume design, choreography, video, and more (including her overall marketing and branding)", she remarks. Her creative "signature" is an integral part of the larger process which exudes even more of her artistry; it's an innate ability to put her fans and patrons in a space and place to "take them away" from their day to day, experience a wide range of emotion, and simply to have positive takeaways and engagement with them.

"I am sincerely grateful to all of my fans. When they come to a performance, share and re-post different happenings (from my site and social media), and just leave that note of how what I do impacts them in a positive manner, it means a lot. Their encouragement is huge and provides the added energy to keep things moving in a positive direction", she emphasizes.

Through her website (click HERE to visit her site) and social media, including her YouTube channel (click HERE to view), Facebook (click HERE to visit her page), Twitter (click HERE to visit), and Instagram (click HERE to visit), readers and fans are able to remain informed and engaged with performances and related updates.

In closing, she shares some words of wisdom and insight that applies to more than just music and entertainment.

"Don't give up on your passion; keep going. Even though there are going to be some challenges, stay focused. Learn and apply as much as you can (including your promotion, marketing, and branding), and take time to engage with your fans and supporters", she advises.

An exceptional artist doing some "x"-ceptional things.

This is Taylor X.

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