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Lend support through lunch and learn

One of the entities that is truly local community centered and focused happens to be our schools. Elementary, middle, and high schools to varying degrees are the part of a neighborhood's epicenter; they are spaces and places where those from various walks of life come together not only for the learning, but overall enrichment, growth, and development experience that can set the stage for one's present and future.

At one such school, Parkside Elementary (in Atlanta, GA), Maya Biundo, through her daily classroom efforts (2nd grade), including after-school, is an example of the teaching, learning, and positive framing students on the elementary level (let alone any level) need. Through their lunch and learn program, they are able to provide means to set a positive and engaging classroom.

The lunch and learn program provides a "working lunch" reading and math support for 2nd grade students to provide assistance and better utilize classroom learning and engagement.  Take a moment to find out how you may lend support!

"I have a lunch and learn reading intervention program (which focuses on reading and math). Our class is in need of a printer, refrigerator, and microwave so students can keep their snacks fresh and their lunches warm as part of receiving academic support (during their lunchtime)", she notes.

A key part of the program is providing support services during lunch for students (and faculty) to help maximize teaching, learning, and encourage engagement during the classroom time. The ability to print learning resources for continued practice opportunities translates to student success in the classroom, and having the additional items makes the "working lunch" much more workable. With 3/4 of the students served coming from low-income households, the need for access to learning resources is critically important.

Currently, there is a Donor's Choose campaign to lend support (with a fundraising goal of just over $500). To learn more, including support opportunities and contact with faculty, readers may access the website (click HERE for more information).

Teaching, reading, learning, and lunch; it's a combination that can work.

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