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From the soul and spirit: off the ground by Kevin Champion

About 2 or 3 years ago, I have the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Champion.

In the words of Biggie Smalls, "It was all a dream", or more like a man living his dream as an artist. He shares his journey from it being something he loves to doing something he truly loves.

And a few years later, we are able to circle back on each other's calendars. And what I see is a stronger man, compliments of fatherhood and more than just the proverbial growth as an artist. I see someone who shares his soul and his spirit, especially with the August 28th release of his 6-track EP "Off the ground".

Off the Ground is the new EP via Kevin Champion (release date is August 28th).  It's hip-hop with soul and spirit.

"It's truly a snapshot of the things I'm going through; it's a way for me to share my growth (as an artist), see my growth, and see where I can continue to go", Champion notes in a very poised, confident, yet peaceful tone.

Grounded in hip-hop, the content truly is an eye-opener, as it displays a vulnerability and frankness expected from "veteran" artists. Capturing his triumphs, challenges, struggles, and successes personally and professionally, he provides a reference point of how far he's come, and where he has yet to go. The concluding track, "Burning", provides a solid snapshot of what people can expect from his release, as it covers his sense of focus, transition, growth, struggles (including at times getting in his own way), and ultimately, the sense that he's here.

He's focused and yearning for more, and there's more in store.

"Growth is key; it's more than just expanding my reach and connecting with a larger audience. It's about growing from a space and place where I truly share from my soul and spirit. I'm here, and I'm coming", he adds.

With a project of passion and purpose, readers may visit his website (click HERE to visit the artist's website) or Soundcloud (visit and add ImKevinChampion) to listen to the new release (and previous releases). For breaking news and updates, adding and following him on Twitter and Instagram (@iamkevinchampion) are the primary ways to keep track of appearances, concerts, and upcoming special events.

An artist coming from a serious and sincere space and place is always one that truly is authentic and one that many can applaud and embrace. When it comes specifically from the soul and sharing his spirit, the August 28th release of Off the Ground is one to keep on your listening radar.

This is Kevin Champion.

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