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Be their muse: the launch of AberrantMuse

To be one's muse is to be one's person or personified force of inspiration for a creative artist or anyone for that matter. When it comes to the launch of the NYC based (with a Georgia influence) AberrantMuse, it's a way for others to be their inspiration for their creative genius and spirit.

Circe Reid is an integral part of the creative leadership behind this small business. The founder and CEO with Georgia roots (as an alum of Albany State University and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.) is embarking on a new-age concept with her March 24, 2018 launch (taking place from 12-5pm at Gowanus Loft in Brooklyn, NJ).

"It (AberrantMuse) is a unisex fragrance designed and produced by urban farming and AgTech. Its launch will be revolutionary in its design and environment", she emphasizes.

Guided through a creative journey of scent, patrons are able to gather the complete experience of its creation, along with the fragrance's transition from top to middle to base notes (a parallel to the transitions one experiences when it comes to wine tasting-however, this is a "fragrance" tasting of sorts). Produced organically and in tandem with the Vanderbilt Republic (and their introduction via Camera Obscura, a 3,000 sq. ft. epistemic machine powered by the sun which evolves through a month of experimentation to capture an ephemeral Brooklyn panorama and personal moment in time), the urban collective is able to provide an accessible product with an innovative and cutting edge approach.

Potential and prospective patrons may lend their support through one of three ways (the photo grid below shows the product packaging).

For those interested in attending the launch, advance reservation tickets only are available for $20 per person (and it includes the immersive experience along with the opportunity to be among the first to purchase a bottle of the fragrance, which is packaged in a 50 caliber bullet). Prospective sponsors at the $1000 level receive a custom engraved bottle of the perfume, their company and logo branded on the AberrantMuse website, and one ticket to the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Pasadena, CA (courtesy of their partner organization-click HERE for additional information). Likewise, direct donations may be made starting at $20 via PayPal (at; for additional inquiries, readers may refer to

This Saturday, the general public has the opportunity to be their muse, and in turn, they can be yours.

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