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Is your house in order?

Is your house in order?

A number of us have heard this question raised before. It can cover a wide range of topics and areas of concern, but when it comes to the inevitable (death), how many of us can honestly answer this question?

And how many of us are truly prepared?

This is part of the story and purpose of Shenita Connally. The college graduate who is a long-time educator via the Clayton County Public School system and the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, is posed with this question on July 21, 2015 due to the passing of her husband. Subsequently, the widow, mother, and grandmother undertakes a set of adjustments which changes her life experience. And the launch of her book Is Your House In Order (click HERE to order) provides a template for others to follow in order to be more than adequately prepared for a parallel set of life changes and experiences.

"My desire is for everyone to prepare for their exit from this earth in a manner that leaves the family in a financial place that is at least equal to, if not greater than what existed. No one should have to stress during a time of loss or live in poverty due to poor or no planning for the inevitable", she stresses.

Is your house in order?  If not, then mark March 25, 2018 on your calendar for this special event!

Taking place on March 25, 2018 starting at 3pm (at Art Houze Alive located on 888 Mundys Mill Road in Jonesboro, GA), her book-signing includes focused panel discussions (on topics concerning financial planning and fitness, along with related life transitions), door-prizes, light refreshments, and an appearance from a nationally known artist (TBA).

Aligned with the services provided via her company Life with Shenita LLC, the day truly provides an outstanding opportunity for access to much needed resources in being financially fit and sound to be prepared for the aforementioned life events. Under the company platforms of Life After the Rain (which provides support and inter-related resources for widows and widowers) and HYDRATE (which focuses on the power and importance of staying as physically and spiritually hydrated), her book is an extension of the work provided to keep people conscious and proactive; combined with her mindset of utilizing her gifts of educating, encouraging, and empowering others, all have the opportunity to strive for a better life through unique experiences, including widowhood or grandparenting at any age.

Connally emphasizes, "I'm sharing my story so others are as aware as possible in getting your house in order before it's too late".

Her book is currently available on Amazon (and copies will be available for on-site purchase the day of the event). Through her Facebook page Life with Shenita (click HERE to visit her page), along with the hashtags #lifewithshenita, #isyourhouseinorder, and #stayoptimisticaboutyourlife, readers can stay as informed as possible about upcoming programs and services provided.

And most importantly, all have the opportunity to get their house in order.

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