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Bow-ties. Big hats. Bigger purpose.

Even though it is technically winter, we are all aware of how the weather in this part of the country can change at a moment's notice. When it eases into to the month of March, it clearly gets a lot warmer; the scent of spring is in the air, along with the lighter yet nicer attire that comes with the season.

On March 17th, the general public is not only afforded the opportunity to break out the bow-ties and big hats, but to do so for a bigger purpose.

The Loganville-Conyers chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Sigma Eta Lambda Chapter) is hosting their inaugural "Bow Ties and Big Hats" scholarship dinner. It takes place on Saturday, March 17, 2018, from 3-6pm at the Newton College and Career Academy (144 Ram Drive in Newton, GA).

Make plans to join the Loganville-Conyers (Sigma Eta Lambda Chapter) of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. for their inaugural Bow-Ties and Big Hats Scholarship Dinner!

With a focus on recognizing an individual whose efforts are grounded in community service and outreach in working with youth is part of the focus of the event (let alone the attire). An even more meaningful purpose is to place an emphasis on scholarship, especially at the middle school level.

At least three (3) middle school students are recognized for their efforts focused on their academic, community, and personal development. A yet-to-be announced set of items (and resources) are provided to students for continued encouragement and empowerment of their efforts.

Tickets for the event are $25 per person; they may be purchased online via Eventbrite (click HERE to purchase your tickets).

Establishing a new tradition grounded in celebrating community outreach and advocacy is something all can rally around. Thanks to the Loganville-Conyers chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, a new tradition in the "Far-East Metro" is taking place to cultivate efforts centered on uplift and outreach.

Break out the bow-ties and big hats for a truly big purpose.

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