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Feeding people because THEY matter

The concept of feeding people in need is nothing new. In a number of instances, during the holidays, attention is given to those in need, including those experience food deficits (a different way of saying people are going hungry let alone the complications that comes with this experience).

However, there are audiences within urban and rural communities that get overlooked and don't always get the attention or level of advocacy that is surely needed to better solve this problem. And on Saturday, December 30, 2017, from 1-3pm, a Columbia, SC based non-profit is teaming up with concerned citizens in the Edisto Island (SC) community, providing a template as to how this and related areas of concern can be better addressed.

Rural and Urban Communities Matter, Inc. is focused on their mission of keeping members of the community well-informed and to demonstrate resolutions to economic and social issues plaguing said communities. Under the leadership of Dr. Cameo Green and a committed team, along with efforts such as but not limited to health programs and related advocacy, their dedication to being difference-makers in the Columbia area and other parts of the state and beyond is truly a reflection of their larger calling. This Saturday's programming in a segment that often-times goes unheard, our smaller and more rural community, is an example of their promotion of such issues and the need to better problem-solve.

Taking place at Bethel AME Church (945 Highway 174 in Edisto Island, SC), the "Trina's First Feeding of God's People" is an event open to the public with the aim of providing hot meals to the residents of the immediate community, as well as transporting meals to senior citizens in the community. Thanks to Patrina "Trina" Brown (RN), a University of South Carolina-Upstate alum (2007), her continued investment in her community in light of the fact she's currently based in Los Angeles (University of California-Los Angeles/UCLA) makes this Saturday's program even more meaningful. In never forgetting about those in need (locally or abroad), these are the kinds of instances that align with the foundation's larger purpose of enlightening and empowering citizens to force political change within their communities.

To learn more about the work taking place, make sure to contact them via phone (803-776-6873) or email ( Likewise, through the social media platforms of Facebook (click HERE), along with Instagram and Twitter (@RAUCMInc), readers may stay informed and engaged with not only their work, but the larger call of championing for those who are overlooked en route to being resources to the community and effectuating political and related change.

After all, they matter, and so do you.

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