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Divas. Dolls. Making a difference

What happens when in 2013, the year a difference-making program during the holidays starts, one of the fastest rising figures in arts and entertainment uses her platform for a good cause and way to give back? What can happen when women from multiple fields can come together to provide a breath of fresh air and enrich the lives of young women of color?

You get Divas and Dolls.

Established by Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty in 2013, her focus is to provide some much needed outreach and holiday cheer to young women of color. With a focus on providing uplift and encouragement under the mindset of "Every little girl around the world deserves a doll for Christmas", the underlying notion is that for many, a doll can be a young girl's "first friend". Add to it the positives of building on one's self-image and identity, the holiday-centered initiative is making an impact from its origins in Baton Rouge and New Orleans (LA) and beyond. In fact, this year's divas represent cities such as (but not limited to) Los Angeles, Atlanta, and even Durham, NC, as well as states including Texas and more.

For 2017, Selena Johnson is a leading figure for the efforts. The host of the Miss Reality Show is lending assistance and sharing her platform for the greater good.

Divas.  Dolls.  Making a difference during the holidays and beyond.

Others involved in this include April Jones (Queen’s Attic Boutique), Christy “CeCe” Chapman (Owner of Divatender’s and founder of Pink Pearls), Paula Hutchinson (Author and owner of Second to None Salon, LLC), Jessica Francois Johnson (Founder of Jess Bra Closet), Dr. Trina P. (Board chair of Center of Empowerment), Denise Evans-Robinson (DEB Travel), Sherie Thomas (President, Louisiana Healthcare Institute), Laurinda Andujar (Founder of “She Blinked” along with providing mentorship services), Anita Hawkins (Philanthropist, model, and fashionista), Mae Chapman-LAF (Louisiana Film Casting Director and radio personality), Freje Randall (Professional Ballet Studies), Andrea Bigelow (Owner of Yummy to your Tummy bakery)), Tasha Mills-Smith (Author and President of Talent Connexion), Darica Simon (Director of TRIO-Baton Rouge [LA] Community College), and Robin Charles-Living (Media Mogul and editor/founder of Unrivaled Magazine).

Additional support from the likes of Councilwoman Chauna Banks (Baton Rouge), along with businesses Le'Rose Hair Studio and Distinguished Gentleman (who are serving as the sponsors), are helping make this much needed program come to fruition.

Donations of dolls are taking place currently. Each diva is scheduling a date and time for delivery and distribution. For additional details about the program and how to lend support, readers are encouraged to contact Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty via add her social media platforms. She may be reached on her Facebook page (Celebrity HOST Tyressa), Twitter (@TyressaTy), Instagram (@CelebrityHostTyressaTy), and Periscope (@TyressaTyCelebrityHost), and for additional media inquiries, it is recommended to contact Andrew Snorton (yes, you may contact the author) via email ( as well as via Instagram and Twitter (@asnortonccs).

Divas and Dolls; it is making a difference during the holidays and beyond.

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