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He's coming to the QC

Back in February of this year, a certain someone added the title of "author" to his list of professional accomplishments. Granted, he has a track record at the time as a writer for a magazine (that is defunct as of July 2016) and contributing op-ed's for a few newspapers, but taking on this challenge is one that is in some people's minds long overdue or something that makes you wonder why.

After book-signings in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Chicago, Jackson, Lilburn, Nashville, Peachtree Corners, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, as well as the Mississippi Book Festival (in August), he's at it again this coming weekend in Charlotte, NC. Known as the "Queen City" or the QC (for short), October 6-7, 2017 should be memorable for more than just the author, but the wonderful people who are able to meet, greet, engage, and based on the book's official hashtag, #GetToKnowJoe.

Charlotte, NC is the next city where you can catch Author Andrew Snorton.  Read up (and click on the link) for more details to #GetToKnowJoe

On October 6, 2017 from 7-8:30pm, the author of "Deeper than your deepest sleep: thoughts on love with Joseph Snorton" is heading to Park Road Books (4139 Park Road in Charlotte, NC). This is a great opportunity to do more than purchase a copy of the book on-site (as the store is one of a growing number carrying his book), but a way to meet, greet, network, and support an area business.

On October 7, 2017, the Literary Festival of Charlotte is his next stop. From 11am-6pm, readers and patrons are able to meet, greet, and network with the author, fellow lovers of reading, and the greater community (as the event is geared for readers of all ages and demographic groups).

Both are proverbial "win-win" opportunities. In addition to supporting an individual, patrons are able to support business and community entities designed to provide much needed services to the greater community. Per the mid-70's moniker, reading IS fundamental, so why not support individuals and organizations who are focusing on provide access to resources and opportunities that are fundamental and integral to one's literacy, learning, and added acumen?

Making it happen is part of what the author does, as well as the related entities he works with; make sure to be a part of this weekend in order to make it happen too.

NOTE: To keep track of the author, readers are encouraged to add "Author Andrew Snorton" on Facebook, as well as @authorasnorton on Instagram and Twitter.

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