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48 for 52. Now it's time for more.

48 for 52 is a pretty good percentage. It equates to 92.3%. Not too bad given the goal is to do an entry once per week.

Back on August 17, 2016, the first business blog entry focuses on the business of #TheLiteracyProject. It is originally done under the business, but in moving it under The LEAD Foundation, it is even more than a better business move. The birthday-related project is now established in four (4) sites: Loganville, GA (New Horizon Recovery Ministry of Teen Challenge), Chicago (Holy Angels Catholic School), Winston-Salem, NC (Malloy-Jordan E Winston Library), and now, Covington, GA (Rocky Plains Elementary School). From last year to this year, it's clearly time for more (including those who want to support the Covington, GA site, so contact us at for more details).

Now that I think about it, last spring (prior to writing the blog series), I'm blessed to work with Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty. Author, host, community advocate, and more, she's one of the hardest working people in the business, including this past weekend at the Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival (in Jackson, MS) as her more recent event. In fact, this coming Sunday, August 27, 2017, she's about to add another "extension" of the work she does via Fiyah Entertainment. If you are an aspiring or established artist (music), business owner, stylist (hair and makeup), and more, her network is one you want to be a part of (just check the info in the photo album). Even if you can't make the event launch in New Orleans, LA, you can still be a part of what is an outstanding local, regional, national (yes, national), and even larger (yes, going for global) network.

And then there's this book that is published back in February. For a first-time author to average about 2 signings a month, as well as being a part of the Mississippi Book Festival this past Saturday (which is covered by C-Span and other media outlets), that's not too bad at all. And with another one in the works, there's clearly time for more.

48 for 52 is not bad at all. Now it's time to build upon the successes, learn from the failures and delays, and remain dedicated to keep making it happen.

It's time for more.

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