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Doing it for the culture, so get cultured!

The phrase "doing it for the culture" means different things to different people. There's a wide range of culture, ranging from a larger macro-level to a smaller, more intimate, or even more "below ground" setting. You have a campus culture, a business or company culture, an art culture, and even the hip-hop culture, as by definition, the term refers to (among its meanings) the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Having said all that, under the direction and presentation of Amaris Janelle, on July 23, 2017 from 3-6pm, she's doing something for the culture. The "For the Culture" event takes place at Virtue Studio (3050 Business Park Drive, Suite D, in Peachtree Corners). It is a collaborative event that focuses on a culture exchange on multiple levels.

Highlights includes a book swap featuring area and regional African-American authors, vendors covering literature and other areas of interest, and poetry/spoken word performances. As a way of keeping the audience engaged, there's a best dressed contest. An additional feature include musical offerings grounded in soca, reggae, hip-hop, and other music forms, along with (for the 21 and older audience) complimentary signature cocktails.

In order to "get cultured", it requires you to purchase a ticket. Tickets are available up to the day of, as readers are encouraged to order their tickets online (via the Eventbrite link provided in the JPEG/flyer). There are limited vendor spaces available for a $25 fee (you may also use the link provided in order to purchase a vendor table), as the deadline is July 21, 2017.

A way to enjoy the arts, fashion, and more, along with supporting those who are building upon these and other areas is a good way to spend the day. Just make sure to get cultured and support the culture and those who support it as in their own creative way, they are making it happen and adding to an already rich and enriching experience.

Do it for the culture.

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