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Help Hosea via the KISS-A-Thon today!

KISS-104.1 is one of the Atlanta-based radio stations that has a sound track record of not only sharing information about programs and events that benefit the community, but through their efforts, supporting the larger community as well. In that same spirit, Hosea Helps, established by civil-rights and community advocate Hosea Williams, has a solid track record of reinvesting in the immediate and even international community.

On July 7, 2017, through the KISS-A-Thon, individuals, fellow community organizations, and even the larger business community have an opportunity to reach back and help those who take time to help others.

For nearly four decades, the Hosea Helps location (at 1035 Donnelly Avenue in Southwest Atlanta), is the "nerve center" for the organization's extensive work to help those in need. Due to rising costs, the 501c3 organization has to move to a new home in order to continue their larger mission and purpose. Ranging from the estimated 15,000 Georgia seniors who receive hot meals, the nearly 3,000 people who are able to receive vital health screenings and preventative health care services, as well as (but not limited to) the nearly 2000 children who receive school supplies and toys during the holiday season, there is a clear need for the community to provide a "helping hand" to an entity who clearly does so for others.

On the scheduled day for the KISS-A-Thon, listeners, partners, and sponsors are able to donate (between 5am-7pm) through one of four (yes, FOUR) ways to help reach the larger $600,000 one-day goal. Through phone or text message, an in-person donation at the Fulton County Atrium (from 9am-3pm), or online via the official GoFundMe campaign at, all can help meet the goal. As an added bonus, station hosts Sasha The Diva and Art Terrell are broadcasting live from the Fulton County Atrium location.

If Hosea Cares does not get the support needed, programs like this could be negatively impacted.  Support them as part of the upcoming KISS-A-Thon benefit on July 7, 2017

For additional ways to help and finding out more information, including those interested in corporate partnerships and donations, readers are encouraged to contact Amanda Allwood at

Elisabeth Omilami, the daughter of Hosea Williams and the foundation's CEO, notes, “My father always said, ‘We build the path as we can, rock by rock.’ Thank you so much for your support. Thousands of the less fortunate in Atlanta thank you for being our rock and helping us continue our path.” Even in the realm of business, doing what is needed, especially in doing right by your customer or client, is a standard. When it comes to the community, the business, nonprofit, and related communities can surely apply this to assist those whose mission is clearly about assisting others.

In helping them make it happen, we are are helping make it happen.

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