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Even big things started off small; go big!

Each day, we see a number of big things. This may include a big person (I am referring to a person who plays center on a basketball team), a big building, a big store, a big car, or even a big sandwich (can you tell I'm hungry right now? I'll make sure to eat something after finishing this blog/article).

Even the biggest company, product, or idea isn't always that way. In fact, each and every big thing or idea started off small. It may have come out of a conversation with family or friends, an experience that someone wanted to do differently, or just something that has always been there and it just seems like the right time.

It's totally fine to take a moment to sit back, pause, and ask yourself what is the next idea you have. What is something you always wanted to do yet have not been able to? What's holding you back? What planning or mapping do you have to do?

Taking time in the Big Apple...

The same processes that I just described are the ones others use and still use to this day. On a personal note, when I think of the book project (yes, doing some more editing, but it's coming) to being in a really big town with skyscrapers as the backdrop, even big idea or thing started small. It takes a mix of hopes and dreams, planning, working hard, working smart, and having a good group of colleagues who can help you get there and give you a chance. I think of all of the people I am working with be it in education to entertainment; they have big hopes and dreams, let alone goals they want to reach and exceed. Sometimes, you have to start small and simple and build up, but in doing so, you are able to make your big dreams less abstract and more concrete.

Just something to think about; now, it's time for me to explore some more of this concrete jungle. After all, they say this is a big, rich town...

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