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Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Good days during the holidays

During the holiday season, the past 2 blog entries focus on some of the highs and lows that happen during this time of the year. Two weeks ago takes a look at the hurt and hope that can take place be it business or personal matters, and last week shares an opportunity to get some insight on the next level and "wrecked" level some people and their relationships go through.

The past few days are clearly positives and signs that good things can happen. Even if all is not going as well as possible, there are reminders that even in the midst of your trials and tribulations of whatever kind, there are good things taking place, and you have to feed off of them and the positive energy from them to help you see things through as fully as possible.

It all starts on Friday, December 2, 2016. As part of our involvement with #TheLiteracyProject via the LEAD Foundation, we are able to be a part of something truly positive. The Howard University Alumni Club of Atlanta secures donations of reading materials for the three sites of the project, Loganville/Metro-Atlanta (GA), Winston-Salem (NC), and Chicago. In collecting materials for kids and adults, the larger focus of being able to encourage reading at all ages, which in turn improves vocabulary, public speaking, writing, and creative/critical thinking are indeed positives not only during the holidays, but for any and all days. Providing a foundation for future business and community leaders aligns with the work we do and clearly can make a positive difference.

On Saturday, December 3, 2016, I am able to work with another set of young difference makers in Chattanooga, TN. Thanks to the Upward Bound chapter at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, we are able to do a hands-on workshop focusing on test-taking strategies for the ACT. As a number of students prepare to take this exam (on December 10, 2016), the wonder, the questions, the energy, and overall desire to learn and do as well as possible is evident during our morning session. Getting a sense of students having a better working idea as to how to address the test format is powerful, but their "realness" is one to build upon in empowering them to be the best students and people they can be.

This past Sunday, December 4, 2016, is more than just celebrating the 110 years of the fraternal organization I am a member of, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, being in existence and providing service, leadership, and advocacy for our communities. It is about the extended support of #TheLiteracyProject as we are able to share our plans of helping Holy Angels of Chicago establish a library (at their church) and provide enhanced materials (i.e. new books, software, and other learning tools). As a by-product of our efforts, the Imani Pearls Community Development Foundation (IPCDF) supports the efforts in the Bronzeville community by awarding a grant of nearly $1700. The fund secured, combined with other grants and donations, are setting the stage for a potentially bug transformation in the community. In providing programs for students and parents, let alone opportunities for small businesses, community organizations, alumni clubs, and other entities, the potential for being a game-changer is tremendous.

Then there's Monday.

A good set of days business and community-wise since Friday, just in time for the holidays.

After catching an early morning flight out of Chicago, I'm able to be a part of a great radio experience on 87.9 FM The Globe. While on the show "Inspirational Talk With Dr. Tangi", I'm not only able to sit in on a great interview with both Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty and Latosha Lee, but able to share a little of the story of the work that I am doing community and otherwise. It is a way to simply have a conversation with people, but given some of the challenges that come with the holidays, it is more than being able to speak to the issues; it's about finding hope and solace in knowing the potential to pull through in a positive and more powerful manner, which in turn helps you in all arenas, business, community, and personal.

This vibe continues at last night's 'Tis the Season to be Single mixer hosted by Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty. The pilot event is well-received as it does more than provide insight on relationships, along with the individual and collective barriers that we all have to be more aware of and proactive in addressing. It provides the audience to truly be listened to and spoken with instead of pontificating at them. The enthusiasm extended to the audience, the staff, and even a surprise visit from a well-known comedian and actor.

Even bigger is the kindness of the audience to support the #DivasAndDolls project. It provides doll collections and donations in 7 states and 11 states thanks to 15 women who are positive and powerful influences in the corporate, non-profit, and civic fields. Add to it the Atlanta presence of Mamma Wyatt (the mother of artist KeKe Wyatt) and you have "star-power" all over the place in order to do more than put a smile on a young girl's face during the holiday season. It's about embedding a sense of hope and positive self-image in order to gather the means needed to handle different life challenges.

And that's what it's all about; when you help empower people through helping them fine-tune their business via their press and media strategies, educational success, and community investment, good things are bound to happen. When it takes place during a time of year when things can get accentuated in a positive or negative manner, when it takes palce during the holidays, it is even more special.

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