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When is it going to happen? When is it going to get done?

When is one of the more powerful and challenging questions any of us has and is going to ever have to answer. For a student, when can range from when are you going to get started on an assignment or project to when is this class and day going to end so I can do something more engaging than regurgitating information, wondering when I'm actually going to use it (yes ladies and gentlemen, students really do have those kinds of thoughts).

For adults, the "when" can be of a similar nature or something different. When is he (or she) going to call? When am I going to get started on my day, or my commute, or my idea? When is someone going to listen to me and take my advice (and you don't have to be a professional to ask that kind of when question)?

When is it time to make it happen?

When is a powerful and activating question. Nearly all of us have that something that you are wondering when it's going to happen. On the education end, my "when" can range from when a school or parent is going to follow up with me (or me with them) in order to discuss the potential work that can be done; it can also be when is a student going to have things balanced enough to where the stress of preparing for the ACT (including this Saturday, October 22, 2016) or SAT (November 5, 2016) is overcome by the fact they feel as prepared as possible.

When on the press and media side comes into play as well. When is a media outlet going to respond to my inquiry for a client I am working with, to when am I going to block off the time for getting a personal and professional project completed. Granted, there are some instances when delays do happen, and sometimes, delays can be for your own good so you can revisit a few items to be as effective and efficient as possible.

When is it going to be? Even with the encouragement and recommendations, it comes down to when you are open and ready to make it happen, be it personal or divine intervention.

We are ready when you are.

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