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What are you doing; what are you doing it for?

What are you doing?

This is a question I am sure many of us can recall from our parents, teachers, guardians, and others. Sometimes, a coach fora sports team might ask this question when you do not execute a certain play, or when someone observes you doing something that doesn't quite add up, they are likely to ask this question (among others).

What are you doing it for?

It can be so many different things. It could be for acceptance, personal gain, payback, or a number of reasons both positive and negative, let alone clear or clouded.

Each day, we have to answer the question of what when it comes to just about anything we do.

What are we doing? We are providing a tier of educational services that are accessible and of a sound quality. Ask those parents who are having us work with their children and students on their SAT's or ACT's (including the current wave of exams on October 22, 2016 and November 5, 2016). By the same token, as those who have us handling their complete press and media strategies, ranging from a revamping of their press releases, press and media kits, sponsor kits, and other related communication.

What are we doing for? It's more than just earning a living and providing a service. It's about providing solid and sound service and insight in order for others to maximize their reach and potential. We understand that we they grow, we grow. Even in providing a service or securing a bid or contract, it still is about having a mutually beneficial relationship, be it for just the project or longer, so even if it concludes after a month or years, everyone is able to benefit and experience the growth and progress needed on a stated goal or goals.

The "what" is a question that you have to ask yourself and answer.

What are we doing? What are we doing it for?

We are doing our part in providing individual to group educational services ranging from the traditional tutoring to the larger scale classes and workshops which align with best practices in the field. We are likewise doing our part for small businesses and community organizations in providing press and media services that align with best practices in making sure their stories of impact are told.

We do this in order to provide a tier of access that is normally denied to said entities, as some may not have the resources otherwise. However, we do so without sacrificing quality and workmanship in helping them get from point A (their starting point) to point B (their ending point which either empowers them to reach their goal or come as close as possible to it).

This is what we are doing.

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