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#FollowTheFiyah for #TheLiteracyProject

About 4 weeks ago, we, along with The LEAD Foundation, Inc, Afri-ware Books, Gifts, and Cultural Events, authors Sandra and Octavian Braxton, Darius Gourdine, Latangela Crossfield, and others, are able to pilot and successfully launch #TheLiteracyProject. As an effort to better engage students (K-12) and adults in the importance of reading, including multiple content areas and topics, our pilot leads to establishing sites in Conyers, GA, Winston-Salem, NC, and Chicago, IL. With follow up "pushes" scheduled for Winston-Salem, NC (Novemb er 19, 2016) and the other sites during mid to late fall, all are looking forward to having as positive and powerful an impact as possible.

The same holds true for one of the people we work with, Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty.

This Sunday, September 25, 2016, our client Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty is doing a post-service sale and book-signing of her work "Follow the Fiyah".  A portion of the proceeds are being donated to support #TheLiteracyProject site (Redemptive Life Christian Fellowship).

The Southern University alum and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. truly is one of the fastest rising people in the entertainment field. With a wide range of work with artists from Maze (featuring Frankie Beverly) to gospel artists Mary Mary, her uniqueness, energy, and ability to engage audiences in a professional and sincere manner truly makes her the #FiyahHost. Likewise, her community engagement and advocacy is equally as impressive, especially given her work as an author.

This Sunday, September 25, 2016, she is attending our Conyers site (Redemptive Life Christian Fellowship located at 406 Pleasant Hill Road in Conyers, GA) for the 10:30am service. In addition to speaking, she is doing a post-service book-signing (and sale) of her work "Follow the Fiyah", a great resource and read for helping discover one's purpose and to maximize one's professional and personal relationships. A portion of the proceeds are earmarked for supporting the establishment of a church library as part of #TheLiteracyProject, making this Sunday a great day to "give-back" and invest in the community.

This Sunday is a way to #FollowTheFiyah as we support #TheLiteracyProject. In helping others make it happen, we are doing good, and doing it better.

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