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The beautiful world of Black Authors: the work of Black Writers Workspace

Like a number of things, it all starts with a simple notion.

From an interest in reading to eventually coming back to it is part of Michelle Jackson's journey. While author is one of the many hats she wears (click HERE to find out more), a key extension of her passion for writing is her work with Black Writers Workspace.

During the onset of the pandemic, like many authors, a question to answer is simply what to do. With book festivals on hold and in-store signings being hit or miss, even with the onset of virtual events, there's still a void to be filled. There's still a need for authors to have a creative space to share and exchange, let alone garner support to keep the creative ideas going.

Hence, Black Writers Workspace is created (click HERE to find out more).

With an initial goal of its launch last summer of having 100 or so authors and a "hub" for ideas, its Facebook group/following includes nearly 8500 authors, readers, book clubs, and enthusiasts. A weekly e-newsletter, interview opportunities for authors, and a monthly roundtable affectionately titled "The Pen Posse" (#BWWPenPosse) are among the ways she provides access to resources and more.

But that's not all.

On July 30-31, 2021, she is taking things to the next level with the virtual book relaunch party. Friday (July 30th from 5-9pm CST) is a free event via BoothCentral (visit Black Writers Workspace) where readers and bookclubs can virtually enter any of the author's booths to meet, greet, and connect with participating authors (including purchasing from them directly).

Saturday (July 31st from 9am-4pm CST) is a landmark day with virtual seminars. Each seminar costs $25 to attend, but when you use the code EARLY BIRD, attendees receive a 50% discount (this is applicable to individual or "a la carte" options, half-day, and full-day opportunities). With topics covered ranging from publishing, marketing, writing, audiobooks, reader engagement, and the larger importance of the presence of Black Authors, it is an inviting and encouraging way for all to become more engaged and immersed.

A workspace along with being a creative space and hub for multiple segments of the author community and beyond.

This is Black Writers Workspace.


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