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Something you should consider on June 29th

Consider this.

When we hear these words, it provides a polite challenge for you to think and reflect.

When you relate this to the faith community, it begs the question of how to make sure your stewardship and service do not remain sedentary, as doing so nulls and negates any sort of community uplift and outreach.

On Wednesday, June 29th, at 7pm EST (in-person and online), Poplar Hill Missionary Baptist Church (234 E Shadburn Rd in Buford, GA) is hosting their Youth Exposium. Under the theme of "Consider This", it's a way to get the next generation of creatives and innovators an opportunity to engage to expand their skill sets as it relates to the community and beyond.

The panel to engage the youth (as well as adults along with the greater community) includes members of Gwinnett Youth Leadership, along with leadership from the local law enforcement, community, city, and local government. With a focus on having an engaged dialogue leading to individual to collaborative efforts in community investment, it provides a way for multiple entities to come together for the greater good.

For virtual/streaming options, readers are encouraged to add Poplar Hill Baptist Church on Facebook and YouTube.

While nothing is perfect, things can be better. In better connecting young adults with those in positions of leadership, an improved sharing, exchanging, and working together can potentially provide the "bridge-building" needed. Likewise, the proactive nature of the faith community to "chop it up" can help others realize how it can play a role in the larger focus of getting things closer to where they truly can be.

June 29th at 7pm.

It's a date and time we definitely could and should consider.


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