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A second look at 2022: a few more snapshots from what we've covered and discovered (part 2)

Looking back. Looking at the now. And then, looking ahead.

Our trip down recent memory lane does more than show the range of the kinds of stories we cover. It's a reminder there's narratives just about anywhere and such tales of everyday life can be captured in as accurate and sincere manner as possible.

During the second half of the year, baseball is one of the main sports covered, as the hidden gem which is the Gwinnett Stripers (the AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves) is one to keep an eye on. There's the coverage of the alma mater (Wake Forest, whose more recent entries to the transfer portal definitely throw Deacon Nation for a slight loop, but it's reflective of the new landscape of college football) and other sports on the horizon, along with some truly impactful community changing stories of impact.

All of what we cover is special, and yet there's a few stories which hit differently.

Here's a few to review:

  • July 2022: You can go home again, or in my case, go back to where it started a while ago, yet not entirely as long ago as what we think. In the conclusion of my 3-part series of taking it back to Central Illinois, it's more than just the festivals and book signings, along with the quick visit (to be an in-studio guest at one of the radio stations). It's about connecting and reconnecting, let alone uncovering and discovering a place that while not there for as long as other spaces and places, still carries importance and relevance. And we'll be back soon (click HERE to read our article).

  • August 2022: A major step in realizing a long-time dream is taken. It's partially about me celebrating another rotation around the sun, yet stepping on ground that others wish and hope they could. And being able to "represent" just makes our connection to the national pastime even more meaningful (click HERE to read our article).

  • September 2022: There's nothing wrong with a kind of blue. When it comes to the performing and creative arts, the emerging and groundbreaking work of the Blue Bistro Creative is an amazing creative hub and launch point for a highly talented and creative set of actors, writers, directors, and other game-changers. And as much as is taking place, there's more great work in the immediate present and future (click HERE to read our article).

  • October 2022: It's hard to believe how quickly 10 years can pass by, but even more amazing is the impact made through the creative and performing arts, and the steps taking place to realize a place which is destined to be a resource and community-builder for those living with and through breast cancer. Make sure to get reacquainted with A Place Called Love and mark your calendars for December 2023 (click HERE to read our article).

  • November 2022: We are fortunate to connect with a number of magazines to help cross-amplify people and stories of impact When it comes to our Black fraternities and sororities, one man's vision becomes reality. And in taking that first step, others are walking with this media entity and how they share more about Minority members (making a), majority impact (click HERE to read our article).

  • December 2022: Covering a sporting event is already an exciting activity to cover. To cover your second consecutive bowl game is a win of a different sort. And while a few of the players said their goodbyes due to graduation, the transfer portal, and even the 2023 draft, to end your season with a win is big. To do so in the postseason with a bowl game win (their second in a row as they increase their bowl game appearance streak to 7 consecutive years), it definitely hits differently, especially for Deacon Nation (click HERE to read our article).

2022 truly adds to the special days and moments we are living in and able to cover.

Here's to the people, places, and things who are making it happen.

And here's to looking forward to what's in store for 2023.

Notes: All images from the first photo grid (article photos) are taken by Andrew Snorton (the cover images for the Blue Bistro Creative and Majority Greek Magazine are used with their permission). For the second photo grid, the photo in the center of the top row is credited to EmoryRose Photography and the photo on the right/top row is credited to the Blue Bistro Creative; on the bottom row, the photo in the center is credited to Majority Greek Magazine (all other photos are taken by Andrew Snorton).


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