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More Molo: Molo Mixes celebrates their first year as Atlanta's Premier Mobile Bar

It's spring. Things are gradually turning the corner during our now-normal. And it's one of a number of reasons to celebrate.

Yesterday (Sunday, April 25th), we're able to partake of another celebration. Anyone in business knows making it through the day is an accomplishment, but to celebrate a year is even better. In the case of Molo Mixes (click HERE to visit their website - 21 and older), their presence as Atlanta's Premier Mobile Bar is clearly cause for celebration.

Thanks to the creative mixologist skills of Molo, they have a sound and growing presence when it comes to events, ranging from private events and more. Their top shelf and high quality cocktails (and related services) make them a positive standout in a wide array of settings.

Their celebration at the Forum Co-working Meeting and Event Center (in downtown College Park, GA) provides an intimate setting for clients, the media, and friends. Complete with networking and more, it's a proudly positive and energetic experience.

For the 21 and older audience, the prepared beverages are more than appealing to the palette. The featured selections of Peach Henny Baby (a margarita inspired creation), Pink Lady (a vodka based strawberry infused lemonade with cucumber), and the Edgewood Zombie (complete with tequila, 2 different rums, and a wide array of fruit topped with blueberries) clearly resonate with all attendees.

Going into their second year, Molo Mixes shows no signs of slowing down. As the adage goes, they're just getting started.

Clearly (for those 21 and older), more Molo (Mixes) is the way to go.

Notes: All video and photos recorded by Andrew Snorton.


  1. Molo walks us through the specialties of the day for the anniversary event. Remember they're for those who are 21 and older.


  1. Top row (left-right): Molo's Mixes are mobile, so check out the selection. Molo (the owner) takes time to present the selections of the day (refer to the video and article for details). The display provides a reminder of Atlanta's Premier Mobile Bar.

  2. Second row from top (left-right): All three photos provide snapshots of the layout of appetizers and of course, the beverage selection of the day/event.

  3. Second row from bottom (left-right): Additional photos of the appetizer and related beverages, and yes, the DJ does a great job of providing sensational sounds for Sunday.

  4. Bottom row (left-right): All attendees are able to kick back and enjoy a great occasion; likewise, Molo takes time to greet all attendees, including the press/media.


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