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Live free: the creativity and more of 1820hats

Creatives do creative things.

We see it on a fairly regular basis. In music, the arts, and more, when people connect with their creative genius, there's some great things that can happen.

In the world of fashion and related design, the newly launched 1820hats (click HERE to visit their website) embodies this message and more. Under the motto of #livefree, the custom line of fedoras for men and women allow for creative connections and more. With vivid colors, designs, and words to release and renew, the wide array of sizes and styles truly fit any person and setting (from the corporate to the contemporary).

Thanks to the leadership of CEO Kristen Kinder and creative director Bianca Malcolm (click HERE to watch one of their radio interviews), taking the abstract and making it a multifaceted manifestation of expression and more is just a small part of what they do. The 1820 moniker is a direct take from Matthew 18:20, as it states, "Where two or more are gathered, He is in the midst".

Powerful. And with purpose.

On top of this groundbreaking approach are the current specialty brands. The newly released #shebrave (in tandem with Jamillah Warner of hotPrayers) and forthcoming lines expand on these innovative, empowering, and visionary hats, making them works of art and more.

Their focused approach is warmly received. To date, customers locally (Metro-Atlanta) and even internationally are making these "must-adds" to their wardrobe.

For breaking announcements and updates, readers are encouraged to connect with them on their social media platforms via Instagram (click HERE to add them) and Facebook (click HERE to add them).

After all, your hat is your crown; it's about finding your voice and tapping into your inner creative genius and beyond.

Live free.

Additional notes/photogrid key:

  1. (Top left): 1820hats promo/cover.

  2. (Top right): One of their unique styles as it's chess, not checkers.

  3. (2nd row from the top/left): The mantra of the hat line is to #livefree

  4. (2nd row from the top/right): Remember your hat is your crown.

  5. (2nd row from the bottom): Jamillah Warner of @hotprayers (on Instagram) is partnering with @1820hats (on Instagram) with her #shebrave line.

  6. (Bottom row/left): On the February 24, 2021 broadcast of The Conversation Corner, Kristen Kinder provides insight on the vision of 1820hats (visit their website by clicking HERE).

  7. (Bottom row/right): Kristen Kinder is the CEO of 1820hats; make sure to #livefree

Video: clip from The Conversation Corner (February 24, 2021 broadcast) and teaser video for 1820hats.


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