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It's artsy. It's time in the garden. And it's a party (with a organic purpose)

Sunday, April 10th, is not just the second Sunday of the month. For many, it's the first Sunday (and day) for something much needed in being proactive to the needs of the greater community.

When there's an intersection of the creative, organic, entrepreneurism, health, youth, and family, taking in a little art in the garden is the move of the day and beyond.

Thanks to the innovative work of a team and network including (but not limited to) Relle the Poet and Lady Ursula, the Artsy Garden Party is more than just a party. It's part creative given the music, spoken word, and related performances. It's part entrepreneurship given the vendors, including a myriad of youth who are connecting with their business savvy and more.

It's also about health and wellness, including (but not limited to) more organic lifestyles from gardening and other means. And there's even a counseling component available for families and others in need.

As an extension of the creative energies of Relle the Poet and Lady Ursula, they both understand the power of the spoken word. As two accomplished artists in their own right, ranging from individual cathartic releases to the importance of being a voice for the voiceless, this endeavor encompasses the need to simply "be".

The event takes place at the Parkview Community Garden (located at 353 Wilkinson Drive in Atlanta, GA) from 1-5pm. For additional information, readers are encouraged to visit the Facebook and Instagram for Artsy Garden Party. Likewise, for ongoing information about the series and related community outreach, make sure to visit the site for their nonprofit, Complete Outreach (click HERE to visit their site).

It's creative. It's innovative. With a wide array of components from health and wellness to the creative, it's definitely a can't miss event.

It's good to be artsy and even greater as it's a party embedded in the purpose of building community.


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