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Go with Pordow

Last Saturday (August 7th), we met a number of amazing people and businesses via the Industry Mixer presented by Taylor Frucel (click HERE to for our article). Among them is a culinary creative whose work is not only sure to catch your eye, but engage your palette.

Established early in 2020, Pordow Chocolates is doing some outstanding work and making great inroads in the culinary realm. Their chocolate creations are truly enjoyable (I would share the one I had last weekend, but it got devoured with the swiftness). Combined with other exceptional desserts, whether for an after dinner bite or "sneaky good" snack, they truly have offerings for any and everyone.

However, they aren't just limited to desserts.

With a growing presence in other aspects of the culinary world, they provide private chef services. If you have a taste for brunch or dinner in a more intimate setting, these are among the added services provided. Likewise, they are available for a solid range of public and private events, parties, and related gatherings.

To find out more about their complete services, contact them via email ( as well as checking out their Instagram for even more visually stunning examples of their work (click HERE to visit their page).

Desserts and more; go with the flow and go with Pordow.


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