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Get to work in March and April with Ladiworkz

When it comes to arts and entertainment, special events (and event space), along with access to resoures and engagement opportunities for those in business and entrepreneurship, Ladiworkz (click HERE to visit their website) is at the forefront in these and related fields. Under the visionary and creative leadership of Brandi Morris, their innate ability to connect and empower their clients and related audiences makes them a consistent presence and more.

During our conversation (on Tuesday, February 15, 2022), we cover a wide range of topics, including the creation of her company, the services provided, along with the broader and strategic growth and related programming across the board (to watch the complete interview, please view the video below):

With upcoming events in March and April, it's another way where those in business can learn and apply improved practices and standards to elevate their business acumen and beyond.

On Saturday, March 19th (2022), the one day business seminar (Know Your Business) provides those in business or interested in launching theirs a one-day seminar (with limited in-person as well as virtual options). During the day (from 11am-3pm CST), all attendees are able to add to their resource and reference base, including sound opportunities for building solid working relationships to cross-reference with multiple business and entrepreneurs. Tickets are available via Eventbrite (click HERE for details) as well as contact through email/phone ( and at 815-742-4754).

The Women Empowering Women Spring Conference takes place on April 9, 2022 (from 12-7pm CST). The limited in-person event (at the company's headquarters at 730 N Church St in Rockford, IL) features a solid array of women in business from Chicago to Charlotte (NC) and other parts of the region and country. The keynote speaker is the Atlanta-based Dr Syleecia Thompson, one of the more highly respected presences in entertainment and entrepreneurship. Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite as well (click HERE for details) and for more details, contact may be made through email/phone ( and at 815-742-4754).

From access to resources to high quality events, Ladiworkz is truly "putting in work". Not only are they doing so for their clients, but in being a resource for others, it's about creating winning opportunities for all involved as building and maintaining success is what they are about.

Get to work with Ladiworkz.


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