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From a simple sandwich to making a strong statement: the advocacy of PB&Justice

Back in the day, peanut butter and jelly is one of my favorite sandwiches. Granted, I may not have always packed it properly (and I'd have jelly all over the place), but it did what it's supposed to do in providing a simple yet strong meal for a youngster.

To this day, one of the more popular and packable sandwiches around still does this. However, when it comes to community engagement, this simple sandwich makes a strong statement, especially through the lens of the work of PB&Justice.

The Atlanta-based nonprofit celebrates its anniversary on June 5, 2021. Sparked on by the need for continued community advocacy and engagement given the passing of George Floyd, the initial efforts are very straightforward as they would provide a means of refreshment (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) for activists during their protest and related community engagement rallies.

To take it a step further, any of the leftover food is distributed directly to the homeless to provide them with a much needed snack (as some go days in between eating).

And then there's additional steps (to view the playlist, click HERE).

Ranging from continued engagement on issues related equality and racial justice to the protection of Black Women, the community-centered entity is gradually expanding their reach. With an upcoming slate of projects and collaborative efforts, to say they are just scratching the surface is an understatement.

Responding to the needs of the community is something all can do to varying levels. Even in its relative youth and beginnings forged from working through a wide range of professional and personal hurdles to clear (click HERE for more details), PB&Justice is committed to being a positive presence in the community and beyond.

A simple start, yet focusing on making a strong and solid stand on critical areas of concern.

All from the strength of a simple sandwich.


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