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Elegance elevated: leaving a legendary footprint at Martha Ellen Stillwell School of the Arts

Earlier this summer (July 23, 2023), Life with Shenita (in collaboration with 2 Queens Productions) hosts the inaugural #AnElegantEveningofJazz (click HERE for our recap). The event, which takes place at Spivey Hall (Clayton State University) is well attended and received as jazz and related music lovers are treated to a tremendous experience.

However, one of the larger takeaways from the evening is one of causes supported, and on Friday, September 8th, there's a "special delivery" at the Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts (click HERE to visit their website). With the backdrop of the jazz ensemble directed by Derrick Jackson, their Friday afternoon music series is a well attended outing for parents and the larger community.

Prior to the ensemble concluding, Dr. Keith and Mrs. Mary Horton, Clayton County Commissioner/Chairman Jeff Turner, District 4 (Clayton County) Commissioner DeMont Davis, Executive Director of Finance (Clayton County Public Schools) Tameka Billingsly, along with Dr. Shenita Scott-Connally, are among the special guests in attendance. As a result of the summer's event, a donation is made by the Hortons to provide direct support to the jazz program.

Dr. Horton shares his gratitude to the faculty, staff, administration, and parents for the tremendous work they are doing (along with the students). During the presentation, he notes, "I'm going to come back, and we're going to give you some more", as a way to enhance the relationship between the immediate community and the school's program (you may watch the full presentation below):

From an idea to an event to a way to leave a positive footprint and impact in the lives of young people and the larger community, this is what the event is all about. In looking ahead to 2024, there's clearly more in store.

A truly elegant evening, event, and impact.

Notes: All video and photos are recorded by Andrew Snorton/CCSLLC (click HERE to visit their Instagram). To watch the YouTube playlist which includes video from the presentation and event, click HERE.


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