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Day 1: exciting PBR action at the Gwinnett Chute Out

On January 21, 2023, PBR returns to the Gas South District.

Building on an amazing experience in 2022 (click HERE for our recap), we return to experience the first day of the Gwinnett Chute Out. The top 40 riders on the circuit showcase their skill sets as in order to get a qualifying score for today's (January 22, 2023) second and final day of the competition, they must stay on the bull for 8 seconds (one-handed) to progress to the next round.

Clearly, this is easier said than done.

Of the 41 riders competing, only 12 qualify to the next round.

Going into today's action (1:45pm at the Gas South District), 15 points separate the top slot to the 12th slot. Two-time world champion Jess Lockwood and Koitlin Hevalow (who improves on the world rankings from 25th to 21st) are co-leaders with 23 points. 3rd place holder Derek Kolbaba (who improves his world ranking to 18th) and Kaique "The Ice Man" Pacheco (4th place going into today), who improves his world ranking to 10th.

Ezekiel Mitchell, who is currently ranked 28th in the world rankings, rounds out the top 12.

As an added feature in building off last year's tour stop, an Ultimate Bull Fighters (freestyle bull-fighting) segment is included. This involves a mandatory 40-second foray where the fighter avoids getting hit by the bull, and then has an optional 20-second add-on period where they can earn more points. Current world champion Chance Moorman ends up winning the competition.

Today's conclusion is expected to be a sellout. You may contact the box office (click HERE to visit the website) for more details.

Make plans to "ride out" this afternoon.

Notes: All photos are used with the permission of EmoryRose Photography. All video is recorded by Andrew Snorton; for the complete playlist, click HERE.


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