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Author Andrew Snorton's May: and yes, there's more on the horizon

Today marks the start of a new month. It provides a momentary "hard to believe" moment as our now-normal is gradually showing signs of stabilizing.

Looking back at May, it's a quietly active time for the author. With a growing slate of interview and gearing up for events this summer, there's some good things on the horizon, as well as some things to look back on not too long ago:

  1. Interview/feature with the Seattle Urban Book Expo. Any time an author gets recognition from a festival, book club, or related entity, it's a good thing. We're grateful to be among their featured authors (click HERE to find out more).

  2. Interview/feature with Voyage Atlanta Magazine. When a magazine comes calling, you make sure to heed the call. This is an outlet we've been fortunate to have connect with us (click HERE for the article).

  3. Interview/feature with Ground Breaking Sports. Video? Television? Podcast/blog? We are sincerely appreciative of the sports outlet having us speak about "nothing Minor" as well as our inter-related work in baseball and beyond (click HERE to watch the interview).

  4. Interview/feature with Southern Soul Livestream Podcast. What do men really want? I'm glad you asked, as well as me being glad to share a few things (they're positive, trust me). We look forward to the connection (click HERE to find out more).

  5. Part of the "posse". Thanks to Black Writer's Workspace, I'm part of their #PenPosse, a virtual roundtable of authors coming together to discuss key topics along with a little insight about their work. We are grateful for the opportunity, including serving as a speaker/presenter for their upcoming Writer's Symposium on July 31, 2021 (click HERE for a snippet of my talk as well as finding out more).

  6. The feature of the week. Even our audiobook series, The Author's Mixtape, gets center stage. Thanks to Buy Black Authors, the current edition of the series (Volume 4 - The Collab introducing Kris10) gets rave reviews as a must-add to anyone's audiobook library (click HERE to find out more).

With all of those moving parts, there's even a special edition of the weekly live chat series, #TheFast15. On May 26th, fellow author Q Smitty (Trap Reflections) joins me as we share selections from our current releases (as I share the tracks "Filet O'Leftovers" [by Author Andrew Snorton] and "Awake" [by Kris10]), providing a truly empowering evening (click HERE for the highlights and click HERE for the full talk). And many thanks to 98.7 Kiss FM (Birmingham, AL) for their support.

And that's on top of the Conversation Corner via the Status Network on LyveTV (click HERE), as we continue to bring some amazing guests across entertainment, business, community, and more who are doing some extremely impacting things in these and other fields.

Yes, May really is an active month, closing out with a warm welcome by the Luella High School baseball team along with one of the top semi-professional basketball teams around, the Georgia Spartans.

Whew. What's on the horizon for the summer?

Make sure to stay connected on Facebook (click HERE), Instagram (click HERE), Twitter (click HERE), YouTube (click HERE), and not only stay tuned (click HERE), but be a part of what's taking place.

And now, with the holiday weekend concluding, it's time.

Next steps towards our next steps; thank you for taking this journey with me.

Notes (photo and video grid): Here's the key for the photo grid (starting from the top of the collage and each line below it):

  1. Feature from the Seattle Urban Book Expo.

  2. Photo from Voyage Atlanta Magazine (feature article).

  3. Post-interview with Ground Breaking Sports.

  4. #TheFast15 special with Q Smitty and 98.7 Kiss FM (Birmingham, AL).

  5. Participation as a panelist for the Black Writer's Workspace #PenPosse.

  6. Panelist for the Southern Soul Podcast series.

  7. Featured audiobook via Buy Black Authors.

  8. Snapshot with being on panel with the Black Writer's Workspace #PenPosse.

  9. Photo with the Luella High School Baseball team.

  10. The Conversation Corner is the show the author hosts; catch it today!


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