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A good kind of blue: Fenyx Blue

Am I blue?

At times, blue is associated with something melancholy or not feeling all that great (a la the blues). However, when it comes to the work of Fenyx (pronounced Phoenix) Blue, feeling that kind of way can be a good thing.

Here's what we mean by this sentiment.

Under the acronym of bold, loving, unapologetic, and evolving, when it comes to the writing and author community, feeling "blue" can be a good thing. Given their expansive and innovative work when it comes to coaching aspiring and/or established authors, their resources and larger support provide all with the tools needed to leave as positive an impact as possible within writing and beyond (click HERE to find out more).

Add to it the solid work through their books as they provide a voice and source of advocacy for youth. Tackling subjects ranging from bullying to self-image, Battle of the Bullies, Worth the Weight, The Blue Ink Movement, and Who Failed Johnny? are accessible reads which not only get the conversation going about these and other youth areas of concern, but truly ask readers (and more) the proverbial question of "Where do we go from here"?

And what about the name? Even with a different spelling, it evokes a creative spirit that is generated via rising anew from its ashes (just like its usual "phoenix" namesake). However, it runs a little deeper; it's about tapping into the creative genius hidden inside of many.

It's about leaving as positive an impact as possible through the lens of writing and helping light one's flame so they can shine bolder and brighter.

That's the kind of blue feeling that is clearly needed and what Fenyx Blue Ink is all about.


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