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A fresh start: the Georgia Spartans bounce back with an 83-71 win over the Strong Rox Steppers

As a competitor, nobody likes to lose. It's said you either win or learn a lesson; after their 3 point loss on May 1st (their first loss of the year), the Georgia Spartans look to apply what they learn in today's (May 8th) matchup against the Strong Rox Steppers. With regular season play in the semi-professional United Men's Basketball League (#UMBLHoops) winding down, it's about closing out on a positive and positioning for the post-season.

And as an added bonus, the team wants to show what they've learned since last time.

In the 1st quarter, the Spartans set the tone with solid defensive rebounding and a bevy of 3-point shots and makes, building a 23-13 lead by the end of the quarter. When the 2nd quarter ensues, they make sure not to have any sort of letdown. Their enhanced played on both ends of the court gives them a 46-26 lead at the half.

The second would be more of the same. Playing close to the form of their first 7 games, the Georgia Spartans build a 21 point lead to close out the 3rd quarter ahead 67-46. While the Strong Rox Steppers would make a late run, the overall play, including their execution and focus, are too much to overcome.

As a result, the Spartans earn a 83-71 win to improve to 8-1.

A renewed focus leads to improved play in all phases of the game. Joe Solomon (21 points) and Parysh Munroe (19 points) pace the Spartans' offense.

They'll look to build on today's performance for their next game on May 14th.

Another stunning Saturday with the Georgia Spartans.

Notes: the promotional game photos is used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans. All photos and video recorded by Andrew Snorton.


  1. Top row (left to right): The Georgia Spartans take on the Strong Rox Steppers; during pre-game, the team looks to rebound from their 3 point loss on May 1st.

  2. Second row (left to right): The team gets final instruction before tip-off. During the 1st half, the team's defensive rebounding and defense are key as they have a 20 point lead at halftime.

  3. Third row (left to right): During timeouts and even when the Strong Rox Steppers are shooting free throws, the Georgia Spartans' focus and execution are at a high level (as they build a lead as large as 21 points).

  4. Bottom row (left to right): Focus is the theme of today's game as the Georgia Spartans win by 12 points to improve to 8-1 overall.

Video key:

  1. First video: During the 1st quarter, the team's defensive rebounding sets the tone for a 10 point lead.

  2. Second video: A combination of 1st and 2nd quarter highlights show how the team builds a 20 point lead at halftime.

  3. Third video: Early in the 2nd half, the Georgia Spartans push the tempo to build a 21 point lead.

  4. Fourth video: The Georgia Spartans close out on a high note as they win their 8th game of the season (83-71).

  5. Fifth video: Joe Solomon joins us post-game to share how the team's renewed focus is key in improving their record to 8-1.


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