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A cool day (party) and a cooler purpose: the Black Ice Affair via the Loganville-Conyers Alphas

As we get closer to the holidays, there's a number of events to take advantage of the festive nature and opportunities to meet, greet, and connect. When it comes to ways to do so in East Metro Atlanta, the Loganville-Conyers Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Sigma Eta Lambda Chapter) not only does so during the day, but does so with a purpose that is more than reflective of their "ice cold" moniker.

On Saturday, December 16th (2023), the chapter is hosting its annual holiday day party, the Black Ice Affair (click HERE for tickets) from 3-7pm at Sudo Bar and Grill in Conyers, GA. Taking place at the mid-point of the month (and not too far after their Founders' Day as the fraternity is established on December 4, 1906 on the campus of Cornell University in Ithica, NY), the afternoon/day affair provides patrons a way to meet, greet, network, and enjoy a truly festive affair.

However, it's more than just a day party.

A portion of the proceeds support the chapter's ABC2 Project. Each December during the holiday season (literally up to Christmas Day), members of the chapter do more than just make visits to multiple children's hospitals in East Metro and other locations. Thanks to community support, they deliver teddy bears and other stuffed animals to youth who are spending the holidays recuperating, but provide a measure of holiday cheer to them along with their families.

In fact, in a number of instances in previous years, their deliveries do more than just deliver holiday cheer; their service and outreach provides families with a renewed vigor and spirit during the holidays, as there are some instances where without the program, a number of families would not have any gifts, let alone a kind thought and action to simply keep each other encouraged.

It is encouraged to purchase your tickets online for the 21 and older affair (click HERE for ticket information). In lieu of attending, donations are accepted to support the chapter's community/holiday initiative and programming.

Many are familiar with the term "party with a purpose". In the case of the Black Ice Affair, it's more than a post-Founders' Day celebration and holiday event.

With your presence being a present, it supports the chapter who is the 2022 Georgia District Chapter of the Year (for the fraternity), its nearly 70 members), and their presence in the community.

It's more than being ice cold.

It's cool and cooler.

Notes: Photos are taken by the Sigma Eta Lambda Chapter (Loganville/Conyers, GA: click HERE to add them on Instagram) and Andrew Snorton via CCSLLC (click HERE to visit their articles/coverage).


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