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The power of positive influence

The first weekend of February is the official "big game" weekend between teams from the Los Angeles area and the greater Boston area. As big as this event is, on February 1st between 5-9pm, a bigger celebration is taking place.

With a focus on recognition of those in entertainment, business, professional sports, and philanthropy, the Power of Influence Awards (click HERE to visit their website) is more than just another event. It's a way to celebrate those who use their time and talents within and across their fields into the immediate to the larger community.

Curated by E. Mason and Associates, Elora Mason, Live and Direct Multimedia, and Jerry B, with a record of hosting similar events in New York City, Minneapolis-St Paul, and Houston, the event captures the impact of their nominees across the previously noted fields. With SunTrust serving as the title sponsor, it is an evening accentuated by the backdrop of live entertainment, a celebration of the work of the nominees, along with a larger call for support to multiple nonprofits and related community-focused organizations.

Multi-platinum producer and songwriter Bryan Michael Cox is the host for this year's event. The 2019 award recipients include hip-hop and entertainment icon Jermaine Dupri (who is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his label and entertainment entity So-So-Def), Benny Pough (President of Roc Nation Records), and Monica (R and B artist, songwriter, and influencer) along with others across inter-related fields.

Previous recipients include Matthew Knowles, TI, Kevin Hart, Jordin Sparks, Brian Michael-Cox, Lil Kim, and others.

There are still tickets available for this event, and the general public can still lend their support by making a donation (click HERE for details). Readers are encouraged to contact (by phone) 305-705-6147 or email for additional information.

The game may be big, but one's impact in their profession and community is even bigger.

This is what the Power of Influence is all about.

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