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An amazing October. Author Andrew Snorton

Sometimes, life comes at you at a sprinter's speed, and other times, at the strategic and deliberate pace of a marathon. The same can be said when it comes to writing, as it truly is a "long-haul" passionate pursuit.

Anyone who writes books and related materials can tell you the intricate attention to detail in crafting a work that is accessible to their readers and larger audience. In my case, when I look at this year, especially this month, it's an interesting trip that is about to get even more interesting.

October is a truly engaging month. Actually, the state for this month really is set last month thanks to appearing on the Marley Monroe Radio Show (click HERE to tune in for another interview on October 15th from 6-7pm CST) and the show, Say-Tell-Us on the Status Network/Lyve TV (click HERE for more information). Subsequently, on October 6th, I hosted book-signings in Madisonville and Hopkinsville (Kentucky), two towns with a tremendous amount of heart given the people that live there. In doing two book-signings, one at Readmore Book-N-Card (one of the stores carrying my books, located in Madisonville) and The Place 2B (located in Hopkinsville), it's more than just an opportunity to sign and engage with some wonderful people from the community, including some relatives.

The significance is both are the areas where my parents grew up. Just as important is the opportunity to lend support to the CaryOnPurpose Foundation, established by my cousin, Cary Sharber. He is one of the people I interviewed from 9 stories of faith: volume 1 (I'll let you guess which chapter), so to support him in his community-driven journey to the city and people of Hopkinsville, Christian County, and beyond is something I won't soon forget.

The same holds true for the recently completed Indie Author Fair (hosted by the Clayton County Public Library System and the Women of Clayton County on October 13th). It is a good way to connect with fellow authors and gather some great insight on best practices and emerging trends in the field.

But there's more.

This Saturday, October 20th, I have the privilege of being not only a participating author for the 5th annual East of the River Book Festival (in Washington, DC), but serving as a panelist for the sold-out conversation titled Author to Author: A Real Discussion About Self-Publishing (free tickets are available for the actual festival, but they are close to selling out, so click HERE to get your ticket). Any time you are serving on a panel for any festival or event is a big step, so I am truly grateful for the growth from a first-time author (2017) to today and what lies ahead.

And what lies ahead you ask? How about my own television show.

It airs the 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 7-8pm on the Status Network on their Lyve TV channel (download the app as well as view on their social media platforms, along with the Author Andrew Snorton page on Facebook (click HERE). Covering a wide-range of topics and interviewing guests doing some extraordinary work in multiple arenas including community, nonprofits, business, the arts, entertainment, and even fellow authors, it truly is a blessing and growth opportunity I do not take lightly. And to offer ad and sponsor space (view the video HERE for details), it's truly amazing. The same for upcoming signings in Charlotte (October 25th from 7-9pm at Park Road Books), another major book festival in South Carolina (November 17th at the Bluffton Book Festival in Bluffton, SC), and my inaugural lunch and learn series on December 15th (click HERE for details).

Yes, it's a lot taking place, but who doesn't have a lot going on?

I'm just grateful for all the support, and sincerely excited about what lies ahead.

October truly is an amazing month, especially for a quiet, low-key kid from Jersey who is expanding in his writing journey and beyond.

Author (and speaker perhaps?) Andrew Snorton.

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