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The center: Black Dot Cultural Center

There are different venues that help form the center of a community.

Local businesses, places of worship, and others can be a central meeting space and place. These venues can also provide access to resources for individual and collective holistic growth (including educational, civic, economic, health, and more).

One such place which is not only investing in downtown Lithonia, GA (6984 Main Street) and the community at large is Black Dot Cultural Center. Under the visionary leadership of Kazemde Ajamu, calling this engaging space and place a center is an understatement.

His support of literacy and reading is clearly evident when you enter the building. With a vast array of books covering essential topics of history, philosophy, religion, economic development, education, and more clearly make it the proverbial "one-stop-shop". In going further, the center is a highly regarded space where aspiring to veteran authors are able to host book-signings and other special events.

The ongoing programs that are community-centered are part of the center's larger focus. With programs during the weekday and Saturdays ranging from home-buying seminars, financial literacy, to a number of youth-center programs, being the quintessential resource and reference center is another way to expand the reach to multiple audiences.

Black Dot (Cultural Center and Bookstore) is THE spot (Lithonia, GA)

While this is more than sound array of services, there's another way the center is able to provide access to resources and opportunities. Via their YouTube series on Black Dot TV (click HERE to view their segment discussing the recent police shooting of an unarmed citizen in East Pittsburgh), critical topics of community interest and concern are not only discussed, but suggestions to better develop and execute action plans and related platforms are presented.

For updates on all of their programs, readers are encouraged to visit their website (click HERE to visit the website). Likewise, adding them on key social media platforms of Facebook (click HERE), Instagram (@blackdotculturalcenter), and Twitter (@BlackDotCC) allows you to stay as informed and engaged as possible.

Black Dot Cultural Center is truly that and so much more; it's a presence and resource in the community.

And yes, there's more in-store.

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