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Making it work better: The Puff Cuff and Ceata Lash

It's one thing to make something work. It's another to make it work better.

And when it comes to hair-care, it's likely people are open to innovative and accessible ways to making something work well, and work a little better. If this is the case, then you may want to keep Ceata Lash on your radar.

April 6th and 7th (2018) are key dates tied in with her new product line. The Puff Cuff is a way for women to better "grasp" their hair, lock into its texture, and hold the hair in the popular "puff" style. Unlike other means such as (but not limited to) the banana clip, a comb, or bands, it is much more user-friendly. As others have noted (click HERE to visit their website), there is minimal tension, pulling, or other discomfort with its use.

As with any product, it helps to attend an event where a live demonstration takes place to understand how it works and is properly used. The From Idea to Invention - A Thinktank for Investors and Small Businesses (on April 6th at Zion Baptist Church at the Old Fellowship Hall-165 N Lemon St in Marietta, GA) provides a firsthand experience on the product, as well as Lash's (and other business owners) journey into their chosen fields (for tickets,click HERE).

Ceata Lash is the creative mind behind the Puff Cuff.  Catch her April 6th and 7th for product demos and more!

"I became determined to find a solution, but it just didn't exist", she notes in sharing her story (click HERE for details) which eventually leads to product research, design, and creation. Combined with the influence of her 99-year old grandmother (who encourages her to pursue her passion), she's able to "do the work" leading to the launch of her business (in 2013) and the product creation (in 2014).

Likewise, on April 7th for the #DitchTheBand experience at The Gathering Spot (for tickets, click HERE), it provides all with more hands-on demonstrations and learning opportunities on proper product usage. All (with their $15 purchase) receive a free Puff Cuff and #DTB t-shirt.

Providing innovative items to make the hair-care and styling process less strenuous is a good thing. With a creative hands-on approach, Ceata Lash and her products are here to last. Act fast and contact her (click HERE for contact information) today!

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