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Continue to follow your passion and purpose; feed and fuel your fiyah

Deep into the first quarter of 2018, some may be looking back at the resolutions they noted for themselves at the start of the year. Some may be ahead of their goals, some may be lagging behind, and some may have not even started on this year's, or last year's, or in previous years. However, delays don't mean defeat.

And it's not too late to start again; just ask Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty.

An alumnae of Southern University alum and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., her presence is one of the fastest rising in the industry. Given her expertise as a celebrity host, corporate trainer, author, community advocate, and brand-manager for hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh, her newest effort can be an ideal resource designed for helping enhance one's accountability to self (and their larger goals), along with the inspiration, motivation, and focus to make one's vision accessible and making it plain. The newly-released Follow Your Fiyah (The Journey Journal) accentuates the ground her previous book Follow the Fiyah covers. With a blend of best practices in fine-tuning one's focus, action planning, goal setting, as well as achievement, it's an ideal reference tool and resource for all.

And it provides a timely sense of direction. She notes, "Write the vision and make it plain (taken from the Biblical reading of Habakkuk 2:2); there is a difference when you type, write, think, and apply".

In being open with her professional and personal journey, her balance of best professional practices combined with personal perspective make both a sound resource for all.

"If I can go from losing it all, including my home (twice), car, job, and being homeless and on food-stamps to working for the World's Greatest Entertainer, and if HE could do it for me, then HE can do it for you too!", she emphasizes.

For a limited time, with each purchase of the journal, a free copy of her e-book is provided (click HERE to purchase on Amazon). Or, readers may purchase each one separately.

For additional details, readers are encouraged to connect with her social media pages on Facebook (click HERE), as well as Instagram (@fiyahtyressaty and @fiyahentertainment) and Twitter (@tyressaty and @FiyahENT) for updates on the journal, book, and related events and projects.

Don't delay in pursuing your passion and purpose; make sure to fuel your "fiyah" today.

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