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All you can eat gumbo? Let's go!

Anyone who spends time in New Orleans or the interlocking area know that its food and flavor are among the many things that make this part of the country a favorite place. When it comes to its unique dishes, one of the ones that is at the top of the list is gumbo. And while heading to New Orleans next weekend may not work for some people, next Saturday, January 27, 2018, you have an opportunity to enjoy this dish full of flavor and one to savor in metro Atlanta.

Thanks to FanaSana Concierge Dining Services, the All-You-Can-Eat-Gumbo party is the move to make. Taking place on the aforementioned date from 6:30-9pm, not only can it provide a filling plate and dinner move, but the opportunity to make additional inroads with others in the metro area.

Hello!  There's a party featuring all you can eat gumbo (January 27, 2018)!

The event takes place at Anything but Ordinary Events & More (6650 West Broad Street in Douglasville, GA). Yes, you have to purchase a ticket for this event (click HERE to make your purchase), and attendees are asked to dress in something that is "presentable"; given the potential to make connections in business and beyond, it makes sense to be the part along with enjoying the part.

With the ability to enjoy some top-notch cuisine prepared by top-level chefs, along with connecting with food lovers and others from across the metro-area, this clearly has the potential to be a sound move for dinner, networking, and more. Instead of cooking up a pot of gumbo, let the team of FanaSana do it for you.

All you can eat? That's pretty difficult to beat!

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