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Ranging from the traditional AM/FM platforms to internet-based, it is still a very useful medium and manner in which to connect people with each other. As long as there is a signal, virtually anyone has the opportunity to tune in, listen, discuss, and exchange information. Sports, business, education, community, and other topics are part of many a station's format, let alone a show.

We are fortunate to appear on different radio broadcasts, ranging from the aforementioned. And we are excited of a new series where we are collaborating with one of our business partners.

Under the direction of Emma Foulkes and involving our very own Andrew Snorton, today is the first recording of a bi-monthly (once every 2 weeks) series, "Timely Talk". The topics covered are wide-ranging, including business, community, and others, but more than just providing discussion and analysis of the issues, raising suggestions that are grounded more in problem-solving in order to make a challenging situation much more manageable.

Timely Talk is a new series hosted by Emma Foulkes; in teaming up with our own Andrew Snorton, it's a great source of discussion and initial problem-solving.

Conversation is one thing. Having a free-flowing yet focused conversation is another thing. By the same token, speaking to the issues is one thing, but being able to provide suggestions and better practices is another.

While there are still a few things to fine-tune, the main thing is getting the concept up and running. As details regarding the channel are available (for you to tune in), the up-and-coming series, which is a concept discussed for nearly a year, is coming into play.

Often, we discuss timetables and targets, and we do get disappointed or dismayed when things don't happen when we want them to. While things take a little longer, the time is taken to make it happen.

Once every 2 weeks, we are going to make it happen; that is simply what we do.

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