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That's WHY...

Why are you even here? Why even bother? Why are you stopping? Why start?


All questions are powerful in their own way. Why is one of those questions people ask you that really makes you question or ask yourself at times, why are you doing what you are doing; it can really make you wonder.

Why do you take one street to avoid traffic, only to run into more traffic? Why did the quarterback make one read or pass when there's someone else completely open? Why even take a test knowing you are not a good test taker? Why do you even consider stepping out of your comfort zone?

Why is another powerful question and one we have to think of when it comes to anything we do. Knowing the "why" or the main reason you are doing something can help provide clarity, focus, direction, pause, or means to continue to pursue things or go in a different direction.

Understanding the why.

Why make a decision on impulse? Depending on what kind of decision it is, it could add that missing "spice" or excitement, as well as reinforce how important someone or something truly is to you. Why make a donation to one cause over the other? It may be due to the fact it really hits close to home, or you see the need to provide some added support to an under-served demographic.

Eventually, others can help you understand why, but it is up to you to decide why you are doing what you are doing. If fear is holding you back, find out more about a certain topic or matter so you are able to make a better decision. If the why is because you simply do not know, it is fine to ask someone to help you get a better point of reference; everyone doesn't have all the answers, but in taking time to gather information, you can put yourself in a better position to understand why.

And sometimes, you have to throw caution to the wind for those things that are truly a priority and most important to you. Even if they don't always grasp the concept, at least you are in a position to know THE WHY.

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