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2-0 and looking for more: the Georgia Spartans look to make it 3 wins in a row this weekend

Two games into the United Men's Basketball League (an Atlanta-based semi-pro league), the Georgia Spartans are off to a 2-0 start. The combination of solid offense and defense, a growing team chemistry, and a focused mindset is setting the tone for a good start to the season.

This Saturday, March 20th, they'll look to continue their unbeaten streak going against the Atlanta Defenders. The game takes place at the Atlanta Jewish Academy (5200 Northland Drive in Atlanta, GA) at 2:30pm EST.

And there's the game beyond the game which makes this a great way to spend your Saturday.

Tickets start at $10 per person (click HERE for more information); masks are required for entry for a truly festive setting. With sounds from some of the top DJ's to provide the soundtrack to your Saturday afternoon, guest performances from local artists and dance teams, the audience can definitely feed off the energetic vibe. Add the presence of top-notch food trucks providing a good afternoon bite and you have the makings of a setting that welcomes fans of the game, as well as those looking for a family and community centered event.

Hoops and the hardwood. A fan and family friendly environment.

And it's the weekend.

Make it a winner with the Georgia Spartans.

Photo credit: @bbandooe (Instagram) and Gaiter Sports (@gaitersports on Instagram). Primary photo used with the permission of the Georgia Spartans.

Photo key:

  1. Promotional flyer and reminder to get your game tickets.

  2. A member of the Spartans on the rise for the jump shot.

  3. A team member staying focused during a game break.

  4. High-flying game action.

  5. Team leader and frontcourt presence Parysh Munroe in action.

  6. Team owner Jerrell Shearin keeping a watchful eye on the game.

  7. Bring your family and friends for some fun game action and more!

  8. As they say, teamwork makes the (championship) dream work.


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