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Visionary: the Financial Vision Board Experience by Life With Shenita provides attendees points of reference regarding financial literacy

Financial literacy.

The term evokes a wide range of reactions. Be it a sense of excitement or a sense of fear, having points of reference given the array of financial options can be something of a challenge for novices or those who are more well-versed.

Given the nature of the topic, this past Sunday's (March 24, 2024) Financial Vision Board Experience presented by Life With Shenita provides all attendees points of reference on the topic and essential information to help immerse themselves with current best practices and action-planning to enhance their overall acumen. Taking place at the pristine Eagle's Landing Country Club, a positive and engaging atmosphere sets the stage for teaching, learning, and concepts to apply to provide a template for continued growth and development.

After networking and lunch, keynote speaker Floyd J. Grant (email him at to learn more) sets the tone for the day. With a focus on best and emerging practices, it allows attendees practical and accessible insight on the topic at hand (you may watch the video below for his introduction):

Followed by collaborative partner Shane Boyle (email him at to learn more), attendees are given insight on current trends and potential financial growth options to investigate (you may watch the video below for a snapshot of his discussion):

Once the keynote speakers conclude and prior to the attendees working on their assignments, including their vision boards, the fireside chat time allows for ways to learn how the keynote speakers' information could be applied as part of one's day to to day endeavors. Both Mona Wesley and Sean Collins share their respective journeys in applied what they've learned through their growing financial literacy and live experience to position themselves for a sound financial present and future (you may watch the video below for a snapshot of their chat):

Combined with in-kind support from Celeste Huling (Walmart Health), Ms. Wesley (Friend of Life With Shenita, LLC), Paula Myrick (Refresher Community, Inc.), Raquel Lavender (Keller Williams Realty), Mr. Collins (CertaPro Painters), Stephanie Denton-Norment (Friend of Life With Shenita, LLC), Vickie Taylor (Friend of Life With Shenita, LLC), Creative Community Solutions, LLC, Ms. Katashia Byrd (Friend of Life With Shenita, LLC), along with the keynote speakers' companies (Edward Jones and PIMCO), the initial event is one which clearly could be a recurring series.

Financial literacy can still be a challenge to many, but thanks to Life With Shenita, there are engagement opportunities which are accessible and aligned with the potential for positive and empowering outcomes.

Having a vision and realizing it is what it's all about.

Notes: All video and photography are recorded by CSLLC (click HERE to visit their Instagram). You may watch and subscribe to the full playlist on our YouTube channel (click HERE for more video).


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