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The extraordinary work of Born 2 Train Fitness LLC: born 2 train and be reborn

Health and wellness.

We read about it more frequently, and it's not just due to the pandemic. Ranging from exercise, diet, and even your larger well-being and state of mind, more are taking notice of how important your health truly is.

One person who not only lives it from her personal experience, but applies it along with best practices with her business, is Darlene Shanta.

A stroke survivor (of more than 6 years ago), the approaches used not only help her physically, but beyond. Whether it is yoga, related fitness measures, or just meditation, she notes how transformative her experience is to do more than just get through.

It's about being reborn.

This mentality and larger approach is ever present through her business. Born 2 Train Fitness LLC, along with a key component (Born 2 Be Fit and Stretched), provides her clients and the larger community sincere and professional engagement in best holistic practices. A complete range of services includes (but are not limited to) exercise, stretching, diet, stress management, along with access to life coaching and other resources (click HERE to find out more).

As an added bonus, there are two upcoming initiatives for the greater community to take advantage of, including the services provided.

Thanks to her partnership with Body Well Mobile Massage Professionals, those with insurance whose policies allow for such services can connect with the aforementioned and directly request Born 2 Train Fitness LLC to work with them. Given her mobile services, it allows for more than reasonable access. Likewise, on September 11th (from 11am-4pm), there's a free event taking place at Wheeler Park (located on Parker Road in Conyers, GA). With services and engagement with key components including (but not limited to) meditation, yoga, stretching, and related practices, it's a more than workable way to not only find out more, but get connected with the ways holistic approaches can truly help with anyone's larger health, wellness, and well-being.

And this includes their slate of programming and services coming this fall, winter, and beyond.

Clearly, it's time to be renewed and reborn.


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