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Sustained steps in working with descendants of the 1912 racial cleaning victims (Forsyth County, GA)

Last February, a town hall meeting at Poplar Hill Baptist Church is one long overdue.

The topic of discussion is not only discussing the horrors of the racial cleansing and related atrocities which take place in Forsyth County (GA) in 1912, but the subsequent efforts to "bridge the gap" between descendants and concerned members of the community to come together in improving said relationships and beyond (click HERE for our coverage of the town hall).

Nearly a year after this event and sustained efforts, the proverbial "next steps" are taking place on Sunday, January 22nd (2023) at 1pm at the church's community center (234 E Shadburn Ave in Buford, GA). Descendants of those who are victimized by the expulsion efforts are meeting with representatives of the Forsyth Descendants Scholarship and Atlanta History Center with a focus on doing more than continued acknowledgement and recognition of the events of the past and present. As part of the Atlanta History Center Oral History Project, the following are key areas of emphasis:

  • Collaboration with descendants of the expelled Black residents of Forsyth County.

  • Collection of oral histories and genealogical material.

  • Access with related workshops and research done by the Atlanta History Center.

  • Scheduling of interview for data collection and related research/documentation.

Likewise, the Forsyth Descendants Scholarship remains entrenched in providing access to resources and related opportunities as follows:

  • Continued collaboration between multiple pastors and residents to not only recognize the injustices done to Black residents of the county, but provision of scholarship opportunities to descendants of those victimized by said events.

  • In honoring the families impacted by these events, the hope is the scholarship program and related dialogue, understanding, and healing can take place to build enhanced bonds within the immediate and greater community.

  • Being compelled via faith and heeding the call to stewardship, this and related and concerted efforts can provide positive steps in making efforts grounded in compassion and a greater purpose for the present and future.

Nine scholarships are awarded in the 2022-23 academic year, and for the 2023-24 year, applications are open from February 1st through April 30th (2023). For details, contact either Durwood Sneed or Adrienne Hershey via email ( or by visiting the website (click HERE). Likewise, for information on the Atlanta History Museum project, contact Sophia Dodd (Digital Storytelling Research Assistant) via email ( or by calling 404-814-4104.

In taking steps each day, it's getting everyone closer to getting things to where they can be.


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