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Start 2023 with a #SipWithSnorton: a coffee collaboration and creative connection


For many, it's part of what gets their day up and running. For some, it's a good mid or late day beverage to keep the energy flowing. Ranging from the office, to the coffee house, or time with good people, it's a part of people's day-to-day.

And for the an author and a Louisville-based coffee house, it's the start of an ever-growing relationship.

In August 2018, a book signing conducted by the author (Andrew Snorton) at Fante's Coffee is a way for connecting with readers and more. It has the friendly familiarity of a book signing, but it's the start of something special.

"When the owner (Leo Fante) simply invites you to "just come", it already sets an inviting and encouraging tone", as the author reflects.

Fast-forwarding to the summer of 2022, the conversation brews (so to speak). In providing an idea to collaborate on a coffee brand, all comes to fruition in October 30, 2022, as the author's return book signing is more than that. It's the launch of the Author Andrew Snorton Blend, a medium roast coffee and Gold Cup quality standard crafted in a spirit of friendship, support, and encouragement in an enriching environment.

Currently available in-store and online, it's more than just a part of the coffee house's special collection series (click HERE to find out more). As a larger part of the series, it's one of the newest venues making the author's books (4 to date) available (as all copies are pre-signed/autographed by the author).

With goals of gradually expanding their reach, when one of Louisville's highest regarded coffee houses teams up with an acclaimed author with recent appearances at events in Chicago to an upcoming appearance at one of Metro-Atlanta's key bookstores on January 21, 2023 (Nubian Bookstore in Morrow, GA), good things can clearly happen.

When the intersection of creative people coming together to team up, together, everyone achieves more.

Today or any day for any coffee lover, it's a good day to enjoy some really good coffee and #SipWithSnorton.

Notes: All photos and video are compliments of Author Andrew Snorton; the photos of the collections series is compliments of Fante's Coffee.


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