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She's ready: insights from Corvaya from the current (7th) season of Ready to Love

Get ready.

What comes to mind when you hear these words? For some, since they "stay ready", they are ready. For others, it's about hustling and bustling to get prepared for whatever is about to take place.

In speaking with Corvaya, it's almost a little of both.

With a highly respected and decorated career in press and media (including, but not limited to radio, traditional journalism, online media, magazines, and television among other outlets and platforms for nearly 15 years ), the New Jersey (Hoboken) native of Afro-Latina descent takes takes time to discuss her current work as a cast member on Ready to Love. The show (which is in its 7th season and is produced by Will Packer Media, Jeff Spangler, and Rob LaPlante via Lighthearted Entertainment) airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network on Fridays at 8pm EST and is currently the network's highest rated show.

Being on the show is a journey in and of itself.

Corvaya notes the audition process to a degree is a "stepping out on faith" experience. Part of the reasoning beyond going through the process of eventually being selected as one of the current show's 16 cast members is having to step outside of her comfort zone. Her readiness in engaging and connecting with audiences in capturing her journey of being open to finding love, romance, and a deeper level of intimacy in an "open-book" manner is clearly different (you may watch the full interview below):

However, she notes it is an evolving and ongoing process.

"There's definitely layers of self-discovery", she notes, along with an understanding that in the pursuit of her professional aspirations and simultaneous openness to a relationship, both can coexist (with each other). As the adage goes, you can "walk and chew gum" at the same time.

Her ability to be open allows for an added tier of engagement with her peers and viewers. To date, she's hosted two highly successful viewing/watch events in Miami and Orlando, and she plans on hosting similar events in Atlanta and other cities (the to be determined/announced. With an emphasis of setting a positive and energetic tone, those in attendance are able to enjoy sound networking and social opportunities all in a mature, festive, and positive atmosphere.

Of course, in regards to what takes place on the show, you'll have to tune in on Fridays at 8pm (catch the trailer below):

And speaking of tuning in, what's next?

Clearly, it's about embracing positive challenges allowing for continued growth in multiple arenas. Likewise, it's about being present in the moment while not getting lost in it, and of course, staying ready.

Make sure to get and stay ready.


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