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Seven seasons of delivering holiday hope and cheer: Divas and Dolls

In some circles, the number 7 represents the number of completion. However, when it comes to the efforts of Celebrity Source Tyressa Ty and her team of community-centered "divas", it's a reminder of building upon what's been done before and reaching more than ever before.

December 10-22, 2020 marks the 7th annual Divas and Dolls holiday program. Since its start in New Orleans in 2014, its exponential growth makes it a key "giveback" and community engagement opportunity.

Under the motto of "Every little girl around the world deserves a doll", last year (2019), nearly 1500 dolls are collected and distributed to young girls to provide a measure of holiday cheer, but it's more than just something seasonal.

"For some, a doll may be a little girl's best friend, and for some, that may be their first form of stability and even self-image and identity", Ty (the brand and road manager for artists including hip-hop icon Doug E Fresh along with recording artist, songwriter, and producer Teddy Riley).

This year, 28 cities and 13 states are represented for this year's edition. including (but not limited to) Los Angeles, Houston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, and other cities. Each diva has a designated donation location in their respective city; leading up to (and if necessary, beyond the holiday), deliveries will be scheduled to multiple community organizations and outlets.

Through their efforts and support from the community, they are focused on exceeding their 2019 efforts.

For additional information on all of the participating divas to making a donation, you may email along with connect with her at @fiyahtyressaty (on Twitter/Instagram) and Facebook at her business page of Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty.

Sharing joy and encouragement to others can be big, especially during the holidays.

After all, every little girl around the world deserves a doll.


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