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It's time for 29. The upcoming anniversary celebration (29th) for Poplar Hill Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Avery Headd includes service and song to share in stewardship and service

Celebrations can set the stage for a fun and festive time. It's about reflection, acknowledgement, and feeding off the positive energy to continue to move in a positive direction.

Two years ago (click HERE for the article), we experience this firsthand at Poplar Hill Missionary Baptist Church (234 E Shadburn Avenue in Buford, GA) as they celebrate the anniversary of their pastor, Avery Headd. The celebration (27th anniversary) consists of timely messages from the speakers, song, and a continued energy and spirit for all to continue their journeys of stewardship and service.

On Sunday, March 24th (2024), the community is invited to partake of the 29th anniversary celebration.

The day opens with worship service at the church (10am) as the guest speaker is Apostle Walter Green (from Church Without Walls located in Carrolton, GA). Later in the day (4pm), the live concert consisting at the church features the the church choir and area artists, as they provide the sounds for the afternoon, building on themes of strength, support, encouragement, and outreach.

Prior to the concert, a reception with light bites is scheduled (2:30-3:30pm at the church). The events are open to the public.

Again, celebrations can provide a sense of excitement and renewed energy. When it comes to the congregation at Poplar Hill Missionary Baptist Church and its leadership, it's the proverbial adage of giving someone their flowers, and then planting more so more may continue to blossom.

And with the advent of spring, this Sunday provides growth and related opportunities for all in attendance.


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